When the notes connect, a wonderful melody is formed. When you weave that together with the words coming from the singers' voices, magic happens. When the choir stands on the stage - united, then it sounds, and powerfully.

We are part of this magic by creating wonderful costumes for choristers. Several choirs have already chosen to take the stage in our costumes.
Every choir dress we create is carefully sewn and created with love.

We offer a wide palette of colors that is almost as diverse as the music and the personalities of the choristers. For women, our collection has elegant dresses, various models that will highlight the softness of women's voices. For men, we match scarves or bow ties that complement each man's powerful voice on stage.

Our goal is to create costumes that not only reflect the overall unity of the choirs, but also allow everyone to express their individuality. Choose a color that matches your choir's personality, essence or region and see how our costumes make voices louder and more confident.

For choirs, costumes are more than just clothes – they are the story of the music that brings the stage to life.

Maybe your team also wants to get new, beautiful outfits? If yes, then email us at: to learn more!

Photo: Kristaps Stalidzāns

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