Our Story

For a woman with a sparkle in the soul.

We splash colors all over the place, any type, every day, no matter what's the surface. We make prints of our craziest and most tender dreams and put them on garments so your soul can dance silently in every step of yours.

I founded Guntina a few years ago when I realized my true calling is women's fashion. When you finally focus on something you love, everything becomes more apparent and straightforward. That's what happened to me – with Guntina, I set my true passion free and let my ideas grow into a beautiful beginning.For years, I created and updated numerous designs with only one purpose – to make stunning dresses and ensembles for all body types, characters, and moods.

I hope you'll wear my designs with pride and chic, and let your smile always be a finishing touch to your winning look. ;)

Love, Gunta!



Gunta is an artist who is also a great CEO and creative director. She is responsible for everything that involves creativity - colors, drawings, and ideas. Gunta's fantasy is endless. Using her fantasy team can create beautiful outfits that delight numerous ladies worldwide. "The most creative ideas are born at night. " - Gunta says. Dress models are drawn and redrawn. Maybe one sketch out of 10 is realized. Sometimes, three samples are sewn to make a lovely dress. Be that as it may, it's talent and a fiery spark that sits inside her. That's Gunta!



She has been working for Guntina since 2016, when she helped with all the necessary work on the website. As she says, managing products and checking balances were like a "nightly meditation." Editing of pictures and the field of technical sketches were also hers.

"Now that I am raising two children, my work responsibilities have also changed a bit." - Anete says. Anete is responsible for creating and posting social network posts and writing e-mails. She will always be the one who happily joins in on all the other necessary chores. She does it smoothly and without a hitch! Thank you, Anete, for being a part of Guntina!



As she says: "I feel like Santa Claus when I send packages to clients both in Latvia and to the farthest corners of the world."
With a great sense of responsibility, she maintains contacts with sewists and suppliers. In addition, she goes deeper into the needs of each client in written messages.

When working with clients, situations tend to be different and unpleasant. Still, Katrina takes a breath and goes step by step to resolve the problem.
She is most often found in our workshop and is the fairy of our Guntina workshop. Everyone is always welcomed with a big smile and positive energy. Thank you for that!

Katrina loves nature very much, so she usually goes to the countryside on holidays to recharge her "batteries" with energy, a smile, and cuteness. So when she returns, she can be a perfect colleague for us and the most excellent customer specialist for you.



Paula helps and assists in photo sessions and poses in front of the camera as a model. Paula brings a smile and such a special glow to our team. If the eyes smile, so does the heart, where the fire burns inside. Paula's creativity and vision are already reflected in our homepage photos. We have entrusted her with creating photo sessions.